Grow Our Own Update

We are in the beginning to mid summer of 2021. We have started visiting gardens and receiving pictures of all the beautiful plants and flowers from gardners who support Wind River Grow Our Own. We have started sharing gardens on our Facebook page. The trees we planted in Ethete, Wyoming at the Little Wind BioregionContinue reading “Grow Our Own Update”

Gardening:It Takes a Village

Wind River Grow Our Own 307 received funds from The Wyoming Hunger Initiative back in December of 2020. Those funds were used to build 100 garden boxes made from lumber purchased through local stores in Riverton, Wyoming.  Through additional donated funds, 50 more boxes were built by community volunteers. With a total of 150 gardenContinue reading “Gardening:It Takes a Village”

Many Creative Pumpkins for the first annual Grow Our Own Pumpkin Carving Contest

Wind River Grow Our Own 307 celebrated the 2020 Halloween via social media by posting carved pumpkins from 31 pumpkin carving contestants who participated in the first annual event for Fremont County. The contest was open to all, but most participation came from members of the Wind River Reservation. With prizes in three categories: theContinue reading “Many Creative Pumpkins for the first annual Grow Our Own Pumpkin Carving Contest”

First Time Gardener on the Wind River Reservation heals from loss through gardening

A first time gardener and resident of the Wind River Reservation, Vernalyn Bearing has found success in growing vegetables her first year. Vernalyn says gardening has not only helped with providing fresh vegetables, but has also helped her grieve the loss of her father. Vernalyn: “I found a connection to my dad when I wasContinue reading “First Time Gardener on the Wind River Reservation heals from loss through gardening”

Chokecherry Medicine

“When she told me she 76 years old I was awestruck at how active she was in picking chokecherries for members of the Wind River Reservation community,” Sally Palmer contacted Darrah Perez-Good Voice Elk of Wind River Grow Our Own 307 and mentioned that the Laramie community had thousands of chokecherries that she walks byContinue reading “Chokecherry Medicine”

Why Grow Our Own?

Grow Our Own started at the beginning of the year when toilet paper and food started becoming scarce off of store shelves. Darrah Perez-Good Voice Elk and Deneica Barrett came up with a plan to utilize zoom with friends and family. “It started out with the planting of strawberries,” Barrett said, “Darrah had a planContinue reading “Why Grow Our Own?”


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