Meet Co-Founders Deneica and Darrah

We started out building trust within small talking circles telling each other our secrets, hurts, and traumas. Who would have known it would have turned into building gardens for our communities? We are very fortunate to have been blessed along this journey by many funders, and the many funders to come. Gardening is a wayContinue reading “Meet Co-Founders Deneica and Darrah”

Learn as we grow!

Wind River Grow Our Own 307 was recently awarded with $4000 to go toward the food sustainability effort on and near the Wind River Reservation. Funding provided by the United Presbyterian Church in Laramie, Grow Our Own Co-founders Darrah Perez-Good Voice Elk says, the money will be used to help 50 families with gardening sustainabilityContinue reading “Learn as we grow!”