Wind River Grow Our Own and Geodomes

Geodesic Geodome Greenhouse build at St. Stephens Indian School

Wind River Grow Our Own has been building geodesic geodome greenhouses on the Wind River Reservation from a grant received through the Dream Offering Grant and handled by Janice Rebhan, President of LSCA. The organization received $30,000 to build 6 geodesic geodome greenhouses. The first geodome was built in Fort Washakie at the Eastern Shoshone Recovery Center. The recovery center will use the geodome to grow foods, and medicinal plant medicines such as sweetgrass, and sage, and mint.

Geodome at Eastern Shoshone Recover Center in Fort Washakie, Wyoming. This dome will grow food and plant medicines

The second geodome went to St. Stephens Indian School in Arapahoe, Wyoming on the Wind River Reservation. The dome will be managed by Pattee Bement.

Putting the skin on the geodome at St Stephens Indian School

The third geodome went to Clint Wagon and family for their start up business of helping the community with giving plant medicines such as chokecherry start and sage and sweetgrass for those who want it. In the winter they plan to utilize the dome during hunting season to hang meat to dry for dried meat. Dried meat was made yearly by those who came before. They would make the dried meat to have food sustenances in the winter. Dried meat can be eaten dried or put into soups, sometimes shredded dried meat with fat and mints.

Clint Wagon Geodome for community pumpkin patch and medicinal/traditional medicines
Skinning the geodome
Putting up a geodesic geodome greenhouse with team effort

The Fourth Geodome will be built at the Early Intervention Program in Fort Washakie next to the Boys and Girls to be utilized for growing foods and traditional plant medicines. Picture will be available after build.

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Wind River Grow Our Own 307 is a board led organization that provides gardening supplies to community and who teaches about traditional and medicinal native plant description and usage to help in bridging the divide through creating equality.

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