Grow Our Own Update

We are in the beginning to mid summer of 2021. We have started visiting gardens and receiving pictures of all the beautiful plants and flowers from gardners who support Wind River Grow Our Own. We have started sharing gardens on our Facebook page.

Grow Our Own Garden

The trees we planted in Ethete, Wyoming at the Little Wind Bioregion are coming along nicely. They even have been joined by a 4 year old Canada Red Chokecherry tree which Grow Our Own purchased from Sprouts Greenhouse near Lander, Wyoming.

Canada Red Chokecherry Tree in Ethete, Wyoming

Grow Our Own received a grant from the Equality State Research Network to help 75 additional gardeners. These gardeners received an Earth Box which was a different concept to gardening. An actual introduction to hydroponic growing. The water is stored underneath the soil and watering is more spaced between days.

75 gardeners received Earth Boxes

During the 2021 Eastern Shoshone Indian Days Powwow, Grow Our Own held two events: Kombucha Making

Garden Box Making

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