Community Invited To Come Plant Chokecherries!

Chokecherry trees will be planted at two community sites for future use.

We are inviting the community to come help plant chokecherry trees. We are planting these trees as a prayer for those we have lost during this pandemic. This journey of sickness in our community has not been good and now we feel it is time to heal. We invite the Wind River Reservation community to this event to come hear the songs and come pray as we offer new life to Mother Earth for her to provide us in years time. We will create a medicine garden for those and our younger generations to learn why we have these medicines, and why they are so important to us. We must protect our medicines. We must protect them from being Exterminated and Exploited!

The day of the ceremony for both locations is on May 8th and May 9th 2021.

We invite the Wind River Community to a sunrise opening where we will have an elder pray over each site and allow community to come plant trees with prayer as an offering to Mother Earth and Creation. We are in time of healing. We invite our community to come and heal. Come help learn and to teach the younger generation the importance of our medicines.

May 8th Sunrise Ceremony 5:58a.m. (Arrive early) Meet at Fort Washakie School starting at 5a.m. to walk to the site.

May 9th Sunrise Ceremony 5:57a.m. (Arrive early) Meet at Little Wind Casino starting at 5a.m. to walk to the site.

Following the ceremony we will have a community leader/elder do an educational component on plant medicines and their uses.

In partnership with the Northern Arapaho Tribal Historic Preservation Office, Fremont County School District #21, the Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone Tribes, and Wind River Grow Our Own 307.

Help us to take care of EACH OTHER and to take care of OUR EARTH HOME!

Published by windrivergrowourown307

Wind River Grow Our Own 307 is a board led organization that provides gardening supplies to community and who teaches about traditional and medicinal native plant description and usage to help in bridging the divide through creating equality.

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