Fighting Food Scarcity by Building Garden Boxes

In December 2020, Wind River Grow Our Own 307 received funding from the Wyoming Hunger Initiative to build 100 garden boxes for 100 families on and near the Wind River Reservation. The group just recently reached their goal with help of community volunteers and plan to build an additional 50 more garden boxes with funds provided through private donation.

Volunteers: Christy Black, Mark C’Hair, and April Goggles building garden boxes on a cold winter day

With Springtime right around the corner, Wind River Grow Our Own 307 hope to provide seedlings to Fremont County gardeners. An application for a geodome has been submitted.

We are asking all seed starters to plant extra seedlings to donate to our organization so that we may provide them to 225 gardening participants. 

Proposals: Wind River Grow Our Own 307 reached out on an extended partnership with researcher Dr. Christine Porter and researcher Melvin Arthur, where dual program participants who are both Growing Resilience and Grow Our Own with soon get an option to tell their stories via picture and storytelling.

An introduction and update meeting with the Eastern Shoshone Business Council teamed in favor of the project and in favor of the healing of the Wind River Reservation community project; with the planting of Chokecherries, Eastern Red Cedar, Black Currant, Sage, Peppermint, and Sweetgrass, the goal is to create accessibility to Native American traditional plant medicines. “To have medicines right out the backdoor,” Co-Founder Darrah Perez-Good Voice Elk says, “With them more readily available throughout the next few years, we hope the community will begin using them. “With education and motivation, we are dedicated to the revitalization of these important plants,” Co-Founder Deneica Barrett says, “We treat the plants right, they are certain to grow back in this area. There will be enough for everyone.”

“Wind River Grow Our Own Logo Designed by Northern Arapaho Artist Janelle Reyes”

“The trees, the medicinal plants, the garden boxes, the seeds, and the starter kits are all made possible by community participants, donors, and partnerships through grants and awards. Without non of these great collaborators, the dreams and goals of preserving culture and health could not be possible.” – Wind River Grow Our Own 307

To donate time or resources to Wind River Grow Our Own 307, please contact either Deneica or Darrah at

Donations can be made here:

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Wind River Grow Our Own 307 is a board led organization that provides gardening supplies to community and who teaches about traditional and medicinal native plant description and usage to help in bridging the divide through creating equality.

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