Learn as we grow!

Wind River Grow Our Own 307 was recently awarded with $4000 to go toward the food sustainability effort on and near the Wind River Reservation.

Signing contract with the United Presbyterian Church of Laramie!

Funding provided by the United Presbyterian Church in Laramie, Grow Our Own Co-founders Darrah Perez-Good Voice Elk says, the money will be used to help 50 families with gardening sustainability to have successful gardens which means helping to build fences around gardens to protect against rodents and pests. “This is number one concerns right now,” says Perez-Good Voice Elk.

Nancy Weidel of the United Presbyterian Church Mission Committee!

We have been seeing a great need to keep gardeners motivated during trying times. “The hot heat can scorch gardens. Mulch is another great need of our gardens,” Perez Good Voice Elk says. “We will do our best to keep our participants growing.”

“Learn as we go, learn as we grow, that is our motto,” Grow Our Own 307 Co-founder Deneica Barret says, “the funders help tremendously in keeping this project going.”

With plans to get a headstart in building boxes. The nonprofit hopes to inspire even more people next year to have a green thumb and grow their own nutritional foods.

It not only helps in eliminating unhealthy ways, it helps us feel good about doing something good for others. We inspire people to be good people and in turn see it having a positive domino effect on others, it feels good,” Darrah Perez-Good Voice Elk said.

The garden of Grow Our Own participants Christine Nardi and her daughter Sophie!

Wind River Grow Our Own 307 is a ongoing nonprofit that started during the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic. They motivate, inspire, and educate community on how to have a successful garden during a pandemic and even after.


Click this link to donate to this food sustainability cause for gardeners on and near the Wind River Reservation with Wind River Grow Our Own 307.

We did everything by hand before we were able to purchase a tiller!
Top soil for participants!
Making a fence for gardening participants!
Planting at the community garden!

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Wind River Grow Our Own 307 is a board led organization that provides gardening supplies to community and who teaches about traditional and medicinal native plant description and usage to help in bridging the divide through creating equality.

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